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When you share server resources with others, you’ll face some limitations. While no single account will impact another’s experience, per say, there will be maximum available CPUs, memory/RAM, and disk space. Your website will not be able to use resources beyond the maximum allowed. This may not be a big deal if your website doesn’t require a ton of space or processing power

    Instant Setup
   RAID 10 SSD Drives
    SSD and HDD Available
   Network up to 10Gbit


Top Web Hosting Company USA, Buy Cheap Linux / Windows Web Hosting With Unlimited Hosting Features Like Somains, Bandwidth, FTP etc. Get Best In Class Website Hosting Services Hosted On Premium Data Centers USA By MAIN VPS Provider.

Global DNS
Daily Backups
Powerful Control Panel
Automated Software Installation

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Are You Looking For Best Quality Fully Managed And Unmanaged Dedicated Server ? Get Up to 10x Faster Speed with Premium Bandwidth From Top Niche Data Centers In USA. Cheap Dedicated Server USA, Best Hi-Performance Linux and Windows Dedicated Server From Worldwide Located Data Centers

Fast Setup
Dedicated IPMI/KVM
ECC RAM + Gbit Network
Custom Deployments Available
IP Leasing

IP Leasing

We lease IPv4 address space according to the RIPE NCC policies from our own PA ranges to our customers. This service is offered under the Agreement and includes the corresponding registration of the IP address space usage in RIPE NCC database for the whole period of service. The lease costs include registration and maintenance of all the related RIPE NCC database objects, as well as IP address space management consulting.

Global DNS
   WHOIS & rDNS Updates
No hidden fees or price increase
  Flexible Mix of /24 Subnets


Worldwide Locations

Our IP addresses are available on a global scale. Your IP geo-location is changed on demand in case you need to unblock any geo-restricted website.

Range of Classes

Choose between different A, B or C IP classes based on your network size to bring diversity to your business.

Blacklist Free

We provide immaculate reputation IP addresses only. All IPs are blacklist free and ready for a fresh start.

IPv4 & IPv6

Need IPv4 or IPv6 addresses? Fill in the order form and specify the ones you require. Both are available instantly.

Reverse DNS Control

Manage your IP addresses with ease! Save your time with full rDNS control and set up PTR records yourself.

Instant Availability

Send a detailed order request and start using your IP addresses in less than 24 hours.

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